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We have long mornings and late breakfasts on my husband’s day off. Some days our daughter won’t come in our room in the morning because she is too hungry and wants breakfast immediately, but this morning was different. She sat in bed with us and we tickled her and she blew raspberries on our stomach (her favorite thing to do). I rarely take pictures in our bedroom, but I think I will start doing it more often now since the light was so beautiful at this time of day.

Here is a little glimpse into our life, real and raw…how I prefer life to be captured.










I have been taking self portraits since I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter. Something about the changes that happen in those nine months made me want to document that special time. I bought my first camera remote and through much trial and error I learned how to create self portraits that were not only in focus, but ones that kept with my documentary style of shooting. After sharing a blog post I made called “Day in the Life Self Portraits” I received lots of attention over the pictures and lots of questions about self portraits. I thought it would be a great thing to start a Facebook group where photographer moms could learn to take self portraits and encourage each other to be in the pictures with their families.

I named the group “Self Portraits of Motherhood”

Soon after starting the group a Facebook page, Instagram account, and blog was started as well. This community of moms (both photographers and non-photographers) has become so much more than I ever would have thought, and I hope these self portraits inspire you to take some of your own! Links to all the self portraits groups and pages are at the bottom of the post.




Join the hundreds of moms who have decided it’s time to start appearing in their family’s captured memories! 

FB group for photographers: Self Portraits of Motherhood {Group} 

FB page for everyone: Self Portraits of Motherhood

Instagram: selfportraits.ofmotherhood

Blog: www.selfportraitsofmotherhood.com

And for those of you wanting to learn more about how to take self portraits, check out my workshop available right now!



(This workshop was also featured on Huffington Post!)